Monday, July 19, 2010

Take cover! It's cover week.

That means songs that kick substantially more ass in their non-original versions. Accompanied by the "wisdom" of the involved. Consider that a warning.

Trumpet Monday song is "We Are The Champions" by the German ska band The Busters, originally by British prog-rock band Queen.

Freddie Mercury once said "I dress to kill, but tastefully". Well, duh! What's a murder without finesse? A messy bloodbath. As if there were non-messy bloodbaths. Bludgeoning someone with a hammer might be excusable if your first name is Thor. Otherwise it's gauche. Shooting someone with a gun? To the gay-asylum with you, Mr. Eastwood! Now, poisoning someone with a slow-acting agent, untraceable even by CSI Albuquerque, while wearing a pretty dress? Shweeet!
THAT'S what Freddy was talking about.

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