Sunday, September 19, 2010

I killed a week and I liked it

Sunday. Rainy Sunday. Depressing rainy Sunday. Cheese. Phew, you can always count on cheese to make it all better. One old song for this shitty day. That'll show the gods of awesomeness to disregard my finger-to-sky prayers! Teeeheee!
"Under The Milky Way" by The Church, an Australian neo-psychedelia band (yeah whatever).

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Year of zero heroes

The song is "New Best Friends" by the Swedish progressive metal band Wolverine.

Everyone talks about losing one's faith, yet no one talks about gaining it. So, you grow up, stop believing in The Tooth Fairy, Santa, Jebus, whatever imaginary friend your parents thought you should have to distract you from selling crack in the kindergarten. But where are the new imaginary friends? Nowhere to be found. So you have to settle being a Mr. Spock or a Batman cultist. Laaaaame. No heroes to believe in. So, naturally, people find their sanctuary in addictions. Drugs, soap operas, goat sodomy, you name it. Well, fuck that! When I grow up, I'm gonna be a hero. So, you better be nice to me - there will be a sidekick place opening soon. You know you want it. It comes with a shiny leotard.

Friday, September 17, 2010

No time like payback time

The song is "Writings on the wall" by the Norwegian progressive rock/metal band Green Carnation.

Revenge. It's like saying "Well, you shouldn't have fucked with me, sir. Now you'll see why was fucking with me such a bad idea. You won't fuck with me again, I assure you." But why do it? Isn't revenge a petty, childish act, a result of needing to show someone you are actually worth something? The use of your energy trying to teach someone a lesson, who obviously doesn't deserve to be taught a lesson? Yes, all that. But it's fun. The sole thought process is cathartic. The execution is psychotherapeutic. But most of all - it's pure, primitive fun. It's our way to enforce biblical justice. You messed with me? Prepare to be über-pwned!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who's that talking over there? Years? Bugger off. I'm awesome now and intend to be later.

The song is "Choreography" by the American art-rock band Cire.

My favorite lyrics quote: "Years don't teach anything if you're not listening". People often use the phrase "that's disrespectful". And have in their minds that you should respect older people a priori, just because they've seen more, they've experienced more, they know more. Well, that's a fucking lie. There are old people that know shit about shit, that are old-fashioned (read conceited, bigoted, and close-minded). You earn respect by being a person, by your acts, achievements, views on life, etc. Respect doesn't mysteriously appear with accumulated years. So if you think you deserve respect, ask your self why. Do you? Really? Listen to the years. They have a thing or two to say.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Never question my authorata!

The song is "Televators" by the American progressive rock band Mars Volta.

Auto-da-fé. In real life, that was pretty much "burning at the stake", practitioned by the Portuguese Inquisition. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, but come on, who the fuck would even consider the Portuguese one? Sneaky bastards. So, effectively, if you were a heretic, which meant you disagreed with having to blindly believe in dogmas, you went burn-motherfucker-burn. A dogma is a belief, which cannot be disputed or doubted. Well, Mr. Religionmaker, that's pretty convenient, right? You say something and we should all just blindly follow it? Well, fuck you. I institute a new dogma - that everything can and should be disputed and doubted. Even that everything should be disputed and doubted should be disputed and doubted. Just not in my presence. That's MY dogma of awesomeness. Don't mess with it. Unless you're fireproof.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Live like lions, lie like pirates

The song is "Tidal" by the german progressive rock/metal band Sieges Even.

Daphnis and Chloe you ask?. Well, they were two kids from the novel so old, it's bound to be true (2nd century AD, by Greek novelist and romancer Longus). You see, people didn't know how to lie in those good-old-times. They didn't have the need. Nowadays, lying is a sport. It's a crucial part of prestige. Well, fuck that, I'm too senile to remember the truth, so how and why the fuck would I want to remember imaginary stories. Fuck lies. Anyway, Daphnis and Chloe fell in love and, this is good, they "didn't understand what is happening to them". Heehee. Well, fuck, things do not change, right? No one understands love anyway today. No progress being made in that sector in the last couple of millennia. OK, but it gets better - some old geezer (they were called "wise" in those respect-the-geriatrics times) tells them that the only cure (for being in love) is kissing. That's why I like old myths and stories - the solution is always simple and awesome. Unfortunately, it seems today nothing is solved anymore by kissing. Lame. Those Greeks knew how to party.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rather ballles than wallles

This is going to be a progressive week. Because I feel regressive. And aggressive. And it wouldn't be so impressive if I were to continue with what I seem to be doing now, would it? No, it would be quite obsessive. So I'll just stop before it becomes obnoxiously excessive. Which obviously already happened four sentences before.
The song is "Beneath The Waves" by Ayreon, a Dutch composer. Some time ago, we all decided the walls were something bad. Something that separates people. Something that needs to be torn down in the name of almighty freedom. Well, no. Walls are responsible for more splaces (space+place, come on, do I need to explain everything?). If I tore down my inner walls, I'd have one big room. Crapper and kitchen connected. Hail wallles freedom (yes, places without walls are that gauche that they have three "L"s in a row). And if I tore the outside walls, well, my guess is the roof would smite me. Unless, in a wallfree world, there is no gravity. We'd have one big place. But reality is, quantity is better than size. Think about boobs. How'd you like if a woman, you've deviously tricked to display her nakedness to you, showed you just one big boob. One. But look at the size of it! Fail. We need more walls like we need more boobs.