Monday, September 13, 2010

Rather ballles than wallles

This is going to be a progressive week. Because I feel regressive. And aggressive. And it wouldn't be so impressive if I were to continue with what I seem to be doing now, would it? No, it would be quite obsessive. So I'll just stop before it becomes obnoxiously excessive. Which obviously already happened four sentences before.
The song is "Beneath The Waves" by Ayreon, a Dutch composer. Some time ago, we all decided the walls were something bad. Something that separates people. Something that needs to be torn down in the name of almighty freedom. Well, no. Walls are responsible for more splaces (space+place, come on, do I need to explain everything?). If I tore down my inner walls, I'd have one big room. Crapper and kitchen connected. Hail wallles freedom (yes, places without walls are that gauche that they have three "L"s in a row). And if I tore the outside walls, well, my guess is the roof would smite me. Unless, in a wallfree world, there is no gravity. We'd have one big place. But reality is, quantity is better than size. Think about boobs. How'd you like if a woman, you've deviously tricked to display her nakedness to you, showed you just one big boob. One. But look at the size of it! Fail. We need more walls like we need more boobs.

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