Friday, May 21, 2010

Long Hair Friday

All hail "Long Hair Friday"! Yes, this is the metal day of the week. Unfortunately for the hormonally-crazed, long-haired head-bangers (hyphens rule!), I've chosen a ballad. Up yours? Up your iron? Something like that.

We're listening to "Master Of The Wind" by the American power metal band Manowar. Now, I think they are just too ridiculous to be considered real music, but they did manage to create one (and only one) superb song in their career. And here it is. Live. So we can all enjoy their Pityriasis-simplex-capillitii-free hairs. That's dandruff-free for all you Latinically challanged.
"We live in a rainbow of chaos." - Paul Cezanne

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