Sunday, May 30, 2010


Last call! For coffee, you dirty drunk you! Super-extra-mega-giga-tera treat this Hangovery Randomness Sunday! Three, yes, 3 songs! Oh my Jeebus! O-M-J!!!!!!11eleventyone

"I'm going to stop putting things off, starting tomorrow!" - Sam Levenson

First one is "Tomorrow" by the American hard rock band Sixx:A.M. from the album (awesome, awesome album) The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack.

Then comes "Maybe Tomorrow Is A Better Day" by the Finnish rock band Poets Of The Fall from the album Signs of Life. THE best album recorded in the first decade of 21st century. Period. No discussion. Well, maybe later.

And finally: "Tomorrow I Won't Remember" by the English industrial rock band esOterica.

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