Friday, December 24, 2010


Enough with destruction of the human race. Let's remember a year by something awesome. In 2004 Google released its beta version of Gmail and changed emailing world forever. Go team Google. Keep the spam coming. :)

This is a difficult choice. Three awesome albums. Funnily, all of them in the pop part of the genre world. But I guess the album-of-the-year award goes to: Love Beyond This World by Kwan, a pop/hip hop/rock band from Finland. Maybe I change my mind tomorrow, but this will still be an incredible piece of music.

Talking too loud can deaf you to silence
And where will I find peace of mind or the answers

Then, Anastacia by Anastacia. This is her only album that doesn't suck ass. In fact - it pwns! Pop/rock/soul mix at its finest. Don’t' hope for deep lyrics though. ;)

And finally, Futures by Jimmy Eat World. Alt rock/pop album that is mesmerizing in its melancholy driven feel-good mood. One of a kind. If I change my mind, this is going to be the album of this year. Silver medal for now.

Sharks. They bite.

Under no conditions is my condition unconditional. Wow, that was made of fail.

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