Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Ironic year. God killed the good Pope and installed the evil one to be his PR (that stood for public relations in Ohs, now it probably means painfully retarded). Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the so-called cradle of jazz, and inspired "artists" around the World to create painfully craptacular music, as it is always the case when disaster strikes. Gotta sell them albumz. Remember the unholy union between U2 and Green Day?! Eeek! Luckily, three awesome albums saved that musically raped year.
Album-of-the-year award goes to: Signs of Life by Poets Of The Fall, alt rock band from Helsinki, Finland. This is the most replayable album of the decade.

The devil grins from ear to ear when he sees the hand he's dealt us
Points at your flaming hair, and then we're playing hide and seek
I can't breathe easy here, less our trail's gone cold behind us
Till in the john mirror you stare at yourself grown old and weak

Next we have The Dark Third by Pure Reason Revolution and finally The Art Of Navigating By The Stars by Sieges Even. Both progressive masterpieces.

Moths in my head.

Sometimes the only right thing to do is to drive away.

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