Friday, September 30, 2011

Yes, I'm awesome and that's not a new thing

So, this bunch of poets organized this major worldwide event. 10,000 Poets For Change. Google it. It's everywhere. And it was a really nice success. So it will probably be an annual thing from now on. Sweet. I don't feel like writing more right now. Oh, but I submitted one of my poems. It was for the good cause. Money never comes from poetry anyway. Here:


  1. Nice one, B! I'm glad it was in English so that I could read. Great meter, plays well with the frustrated tone of the piece. I can almost hear the beating of breasts.

  2. ::bows::
    Glad you liked it!
    Did you perhaps submit one of yours?
    And stop scaring me! I hijacked my own blog because I was peacefully enjoying not being read by anyone. You stalker! ;)